Top 3 Blog Recommendations for Wide-Width Shoes

The average American woman has size 8 shoes. Being “average” can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, there is always a large selection of shoes in your size in any store that you visit. On the other hand, many of those shoes are sold out due to the amount of other women purchasing up those same sizes.
If you’re like me and have feet that don’t meet this “average,” then you’re likely used to walking out of stores with disappointment due to lack of selection when it comes to styles, sizes, widths and colors available. Often times, I’ll walk past the size 8 and 9 shoes with envy as I eye all of the options available to those women.
Again, there are both positives and negatives to this. On the one hand, women with long, wide or narrow feet need to explore alternative shopping techniques (largely word of mouth) to find the best shoes. On the other hand, this often means that we build a personal network of women with similar challenges. How many other women have gained friends from talking about their “unique” feet? I know that I have!
As I work to build @ShopMySoleSisters into an online platform for Women’s Shoes, I want to shout out some of my favorite bloggers when it comes to “unique” shoes:
Jouelzy is a self-coined #SmartBrownGirl and curator of content that addresses lifestyle topics for women of color across topics like beauty, culture, technology and more. She has interviewed Michelle Obama on her acclaimed biography, Becoming, and has made appearances with the cast of Black Panther. Not only does she create great vlogs and blogs, but she is also a fellow Sole Sister with size 11 feet. Like many of us, she struggled to accept her large feet and shared her journey to adapt to the best shopping methods for her.
Her guide to finding cute shoes sizes 10+ includes a host of tips and tricks within her post. If you continue reading, her followers continue the conversation in the comments section and provide a plethora of additional recommendations.
Travel Fashion Girl
This travel blog discusses a number of topics to help you plan and prepare for your next vacation. In one post, she responds to one reader’s request for recommendations on finding wide/extra-wide women’s shoes that work for traveling. She analyzes a number of brands and provides specific styles that work for wide feet. Her recommendations are broken down by the following categories: sandals, heels, comfort, flats and boots.
Check out her post here, “Cute Shoes for Wide Feet.”
Leah Ingram
Leah is a tenured blogger and content writer who covers a variety of topics from travel to money management to shopping. I initially noticed her blog for her in-depth masterpiece for wide-width shoes for women. As someone with double wide width feet, Leah speaks from experience when it comes to the shopping challenges, particularly how to keep up with fashion when living on a budget. Not only does she give a list of recommended sites for wide-width shoes, but she also provides a post for our friends with narrow feet and face similar shopping obstacles.
Check out the blog that caught my eye here, “Where to Buy: Best Wide Width Shoes For Women.”
At @ShopMySoleSisters, we aim to become a platform that exclusively carries wide and narrow-width shoes sizes 10 & up. Please subscribe to us to stay updated as we continue to grow and create relationships with footwear retailers.
Help us craft a site that will be valuable for YOU! Which retailers are your go-to for your “unique” feet? Share it with us below in the comments.
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