How to Get Your Soles Summer Ready

Summer 2019 is almost upon us (at least in the Northern Hemisphere)! For those of us in colder areas, we relish in this time where snowstorms are behind us and the warmth is around the corner. In New York City, the winters seem to be getting longer while the summers are getting shorter, so we have to be prepared to enjoy it when it finally arrives.
The summer season means that we start to show parts of our body that haven’t seen sunlight in many months. Our legs, upper arms and stomachs have not seen the light of day in what feels like an eternity, so it can often feel uncomfortable to unveil them at the beginning of each summer.
For me, the hardest part for me to show is my feet. They have been covered for so long that they’re often 5 shades lighter than any other part of my body, which prompts me to keep them covered and further exacerbate the problem. I also may have slacked on regular foot care while they were in hibernation, so they’re not exactly in tip top shape when summer rolls around -- please tell me that I’m not alone in this!
This summer, I’m committed to preparing my feet for the occasion so I can expose them with confidence this season. So, how exactly am I doing this? Below are a few of my personal recommendations for exemplary foot care as well as some shoes to help show them off:
Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak
The first step for me in summer foot care is to pamper myself with a foot soak. You can choose to do this in a nail salon or spa, or to take the more DIY approach. For the DIY pampering, you’ll only need two items: a soaking basin and a foot soak with epsom salt. One of my favorites is this Tea Tree Oil & Epsom Salt Foot Soak. It will soothe calluses, relax tired feet and bring out the natural softness in your soles.
Regardless of the brand that you choose, the key is to find a soak that contains epsom salt. This will reduce any swelling in your feet from the summer heat, provides your body with magnesium (for your heart and nervous system) and helps you to decrease stress. For added benefits, try to find a soak that includes one or more essential oils. Check out this free guide from Well + Good on the most popular applications for each essential oil.
Once you’ve tackled that winter roughness, the next step is to moisturize.
Shea Butter Foot Cream
Shea butter is one of those magic materials that seems to work wonders on most areas of the body. Believe it or not, it’s actually a superfood that originates in Africa and is known to reduce inflammation and moisturize skin. It can be used as a body butter, stretch mark reducer and an all-over body lotion, otherwise known as a triple win!
Personally, I use shea butter-based lotions as my regular body lotion, but I’ve found that it’s the most impactful on my feet and heels. As with any skincare product, it’s best to do a “spot test” before applying it to a larger area, just to ensure that your body reacts positively to the new product.
With summer around the corner, I’ll start to use a shea butter product on my feet to prepare them for the spotlight. One product that I love is L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream with Lavender.
This two-step process should get your feet ready for any pair of sandals that you have on deck for Summer 2019! Gladiator styles are back in fashion for this summer along with barely there, “clear” styles. You’ll find these all over online retailers at the moment, so I’ve picked out a few from Amazon to get you started down in the depths of the internet:

What’s your favorite style for Summer 2019? Share below in the comments!


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