5 Fashion Picks Under $50

If you like to maintain a healthy shoe closet, then it’s likely that you have a love/hate relationship with price tags. Should you cough up the cash for the expensive pair of trendy shoes or pick up a pair of $15 shoes that will fall apart in a few months? What if I told you that you could have budget-friendly, trendy shoes that will last you more than one season?!
Typically, we tend to equate a high price tag with higher quality. We convince ourselves that if we spend more, then we’ll be able to wear the shoes with dozens of outfits or for dozens of occasions… even if the shoe are pink leopard print pumps!
At My Sole Sisters, we don’t believe that it’s necessary to spend an arm and a leg to get high quality shoes. In fact, it’s our mission to help you find stylish shoes at an affordable price! In this article, we’ll highlight five shoes that are cute, available in sizes 10+ AND under $50.
MAVIRS Suede Mules - $39.99

Mules are the staple from Spring that will continue its strong run through the summer season. These are a must-have for any trendy woman and are easy to collect in a variety of styles and colors to match every occasion.
This pair has a pom pom embellishment, metallic heel and comes in 9 colors. Check them out here in sizes 4-15!
Nine West Cariana Jelly Sandals - $49.99

Jelly shoes are back in style! Those of us who remember the 90’s, probably remember that “jellys” were a style staple for girls. The sandals came in every color under the sun and often had a glittery shimmer to make them sparkle in the summer sun. Now, 20+ years later, jelly sandals are back with a stylish edge to make them appropriate for work, school, weekend adventures and everything in between.
This pair from Nine West comes in three colors: black, white and yellow and in sizes 10 & 11. Check them out here!
Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Gemini Sandals - $38


In honor of June birthdays, we have selected a “Gemini” sandal to help kick off your summer in the ultimate comfort. Dr. Scholl’s is known for impeccable comfort and, in recent years, has expanded its selection in terms of style, colors and sizes. We’re fully on board with this brand now as a great place to find what you need for any occasion.
Today, we recommend the Gemini Sandal, which comes in black and gray in sizes 10 & 11. Check them out here!
Nine West Evie Platform Sneakers - $49

These platform sneakers are the perfect combination of trendy and practical. Walk with confidence into your family cookout, 4th of July party or rooftop bash in these shoes that give you 2” of height, while maintaining the comfort to be on your feet dancing all day (and night).
This pair from Nine West comes in pink suede and is currently available in sizes 10 & 11. Check them out here!
Sketcher’s High-Top Tea Wedge Sandals - $39.99

For our final pick, we have a great pick for summer 2019: Sketcher’s wedge sandals. Wedge sandals are a great alternative to heels, both for comfort and practicality in the summer months. They are the perfect shoe for a summer wedding that is comfortable, fashionable and won’t sink into the lawn at an outdoor affair.
This pair comes in the above blush color in sizes 10 & 11. Check them out here!
So, have we convinced you that you can have trendy shoes that are also budget-friendly? Comment below with your other favorite shoes or designers that don’t break the bank!
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